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96 Amazing Typography Blogs and Resources

  • Type Directors Club

    Type directors club

    The Type Directors Club is the leading international organization whose sole purpose is to support excellence in typography, both in print and on screen.

  • i love typography

    I love typography

    iLT was born from a desire to bring the subject of Typography to the masses.

  • Use Typography

    Use typography

    Use Typography is mainly focused on showcasing websites that have good typography. Its purpose is to inspire and encourage good typography principles in web design.

  • Type for You

    type for You

    Typeforyou is a blog on typography.

  • Villatype


    A record of type and lettering found in the public domain.

  • Typblography


    Typblography provides a window into the Adobe Type Development team, who will take turns offering their musings on the technical, business, historical and design aspects of type (fonts) and its technologies, including OpenType and SING.

  • TypeNeu


    TypeNeu reports on the past, present and the future of typographic culture. Typophile is a common diagnosis, and yes this is the cure.

  • Typophile


    At Typophile you will we able to access active discussion boards, font and design news, recources and much more.

  • The Grid System

    the grid system

    The ultimate resource in grid systems.

  • Typography Served

    Typography Served;

    Fresh works from leading creative profesionals.

  • Type for you

    Type for You

    Type for you is a blog about typography.

  • Nice Web Type

    Nice web type

    Nice Web Type is dedicated to collecting and expanding their knowledge base on typographic styles in practice. Offtopic: such a lovely web design!

  • Typesites


    Typesites is a weekly showcase of websites with interesting typographic design.

  • The Font Feed

    The font feed

    The Font Feed is a daily dispatch of recommended fonts, typography techniques, and inspirational examples of digital type at work in the real world.

  • Typographer


    The website is an eternally evolving not-for-profit typography project. During its fifth and current phase, it is a joint project between David and Yves Peters – David providing the bulk of news items and in the role of publisher, with Yves writing comprehensive reviews of the cream of recent typeface releases in his Bald Condensed column.

  • Betatype


    Betatype is an independent type foundry and blog run by Christian Robertson.

  • Type Theory

    type theory

    Type Theory is a journal of contemporary typography featuring news, views, reviews and interviews.

  • Ministry of Type

    Ministry of type

    The Ministry of Type is a weblog by Aegir Hallmundur, about type, typography, lettering, calligraphy and other related things.

  • Arabic Type

    arabic type

    Very nice blog by Pascal Zoghbi an Arabic Type Designer and Typographer.

  • Swiss Legacy

    swiss legacy

    Swiss Legacy, by the initiative of Xavier Encinas, is a blog focused on typography, graphic design and inspiritional matters.

  • Slanted

    slanted is a weblog, which has typography and layout as its topic. Founded in 2004, it has grown into an important design portal and discussion forum in the German-speaking area.

  • Le Typographe

    le typographe

    Launched in January 2003, the banner page of the Typographer is dedicated to the publication, by a team of voluntary, interesting information related to the French typographical scene & Francophone by extension.

  • Design & Typo le Blog

    design and typo

    Born in 2005, Design & Typo Blog is one of my best adventures in both love and culture. What initially was to be a course material for my students to e-art sup, has quickly transformed into an experience to share culture major.

  • FontLover

    font lover

    FontLover gives you insight to recent news in all sorts of font categories, font updates, typography product reviews, and resources.

  • Daily Type

    daily type

    Daily Type is a creative project run by several russian type designers. Day by day, they create original typefaces and post their results along with routine.

  • Mark Simonson

    mark simonson

    This site is the personal blog of Mark Simonson; he is a font designer who brings creativity not only to his blog but to the typography projects he takes part in as well. He broadcasts all of his font type knowledge and resources right on his site.

  • Upscale Typography

    upscale typography

    Here, you'll find useful typographic tips, new releases, pre-release notifications, historic references, trends and everything else typographic. Obsessed with type? Yes, we are!

  • Microsoft Typography

    microsoft typography

    Microsoft's Typography group researches and develops fonts and font technologies, and supports the development of TrueType and OpenType formatted fonts by independent type vendors.

  • Eightface


    Eightface is a weblog by Dave Kellam, a designer and developer from Canada. It serves as a perennial soapbox and clearinghouse for random information.

  • Typenuts

    type nuts

    Thumblog aimed for a simple design that’s dec­o­rated by the content; type is set in Georgia and Hel­vetica with Times New Roman and Verdana as respec­tive fall-?backs while wp-?typogrify helps beau­tify much of the rest.

  • Spiekerblog


    Erik Spiekermann’s private blog on typography, always insightful and always worth reading.

  • Typographunnies

    house industries

    A collection of jokes, quotes, puns, anecdotes, and anything silly inspired by the lexicon of typography.

  • The Amperstand

    the amperstand

    I like the ampersand. I think it is often the most attractive character of them all. This blog is an attempt to give this humble ligature the respect it deserves.

  • Type Foundry

    type foundry

    Blog on typography. Most articles are related to the history of type.

  • Type Junkies

    type junkies

    Graham Smith’s tumblog with fresh links to excellent resources related to typography.

  • Popular Calligraphy

    popular calligraphy

    A Russian blog on the beauty of handwriting and calligraphy.

  • for the love of type

    for the love of type

    Fantastic thumblog about type.

  • Veer: Ideas: The Skinny

    Veer:Ideas:The Skinny

    The Skinny is Veer’s very own blog. See what inspires us, from our own images and type, to way-out-there oddities and the best of the web.

  • MyFonts Blog

    myfonts blog

    The MyFonts Blog is a companion resource to MyFonts, the world's largest collection of fonts.

  • Thinking with Type

    thinking with type

    This site is the on-line companion to the book Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students, by Ellen Lupton.

  • is an Islandic blog about design and type. It has some articles in English as well.

  • The Art of the Title Sequence

    the art of the title sequence

    Blog about type in movie tiltles.

  • Abecedaria


    A blog about keyboarding in diverse scripts, literacy and digital literacy, and random quotes selected from the history of writing system theory.

  • Arabic Type

    arabic type

    Yet another blog about Arabic Type and Typography.

  • All About Type's Journal

    all about type journal

    Russian blog about typography.

  • David Brezina

    david vreznia

    Multilingual typography and typeface design by David Brezina

  • davidthedesigner

    david the designer

    Discussion on typography and design.



    German blog about design and typography.

  • DesignWorkPlan

    design work plan

    DesignWorkPlan is a weblog about interesting typography, inspirational design, effective signage & wayfinding and architecture.

  • Die Typobibliothek

    die typobibliothek

    German blog about type.

  • espacioeme


    Typography and calligraphy blog in Spanish.

  • Ewald Spieker

    ewald spieker

    Website and blog of the Dutch typographer and artist Ewald Spieker.

  • Font Design & Typography

    font design and typography

    This is a collection of tips, explanations, DIY how-tos, and editorials concerning font design, typography, Typography on the Web, and clear communication with type.

  • Fontblog


    Germany's daily news and articles about graphic design and typography.

  • fontblog

    msdn fontblog

    Microsoft's font blog.

  • Typographica


    Review of typefaces and typography books, with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design.

  • Giò Fuga Type

    Giò Fuga Type

    Italian blog about typography.

  • gramatologia


    Argentinian blog about calligraphy, art books, writing and visual poetry.


    hindi rinny

    HINDI RINNY - Exploring South Asian typography.

  • House Industries - Blog

    house industries

    Blog by House Industries.

  • insigne Design

    insigne design

    Here you will find information about our upcoming typefaces and articles about type design, typography, graphic design, small business and advertising.

  • Typography needs you!

    typography needs you

    Typography needs you! Weblog.

  • Reden ist Silber ¶ Druckerey Blog

    Reden ist Silber

    German blog of Martin Z. Schröder about type.

  • type4screen

    type 4 screen

    Blog about developments in digital communication technologies that have led to a transformation within the discipline of typography.

  • typo/graphic posters.

    typographic posters

    typo/graphic posters a directory of typographic and graphic posters

  • You Should Like Type Too

    you should like type too

    Blog by Rob Keller about type and design.

  • Die 100 Besten Schriften

    die 100 besten schriften

    Top 100 best fonts of all time. In German.

  • Le Typophage on the web

    le typophage on the web

    French blog about type and design.

  • Letritas


    Great typography blog in Spanish. Articles about type design and fonts.

  • LetterCult


    LetterCult is our attempt to highlight & designers doing remarkable work with Custom Letters.

  • Love Helvetica

    i love helvetica

    LoveHelvetica is a mecca for Helvetica anoraks. It’s starting with humble beginnings, but has grande plans.

  • máster oficial de tipografía

    master oficial de tipografia

    University in Barcelona typography blog.



    A weblog about newspaper design.

  • Notes: a Calligraphic Journal

    calligraphic journal

    Mission: to introduce more viewers to contemporary calligraphy.

  • Phinney on Fonts

    phinney on fonts

    This blog is about fonts, typography and text. It’s a mix of geeky troubleshooting, info for font developers and thoughts for regular end users who happen to be curious about typography.

  • Ralf Herrmann’s Typography Weblog

    ralf hermrrmann

    Ralf Herrmann writes books about fonts and typography and is the founder of and the typographic community.

  • Reden ist Silber ¶ Druckerey Blog

    Reden ist Silber

    German blog of Martin Z. Schröder about type.

  • TypeCulture©

    type culture

    TypeCulture© is an independent digital type foundry and academic resource.

  • spatium - Magazin für Typografie


    German web magazine on typography.

  • The Bieler Press

    the bieler press

    Blog about typography and letterpress printing.

  • tipografia em portugal

    tipografia em portugal

    Blog about typography in Portuguese.



    Articles about fonts and typography.

  • TypeOff.

    type off is dedicated to discussion about typography and typeface design.

  • Typofilos


    Czech typography blog.

  • TypoForum


    German Online-Community on Fonts and Typography.

  • Italic 2.0

    italic 2.0

    Italian blog about design and typography.

  • Typografism


    Swedish blog about typography and design.

  • Typographias


    Portugese blog about type.

  • Fontshop

    font shop

    Fontshop - Unzipped - To baldly explore FontShop's secret diaries on type and image.



    Romanian blog about typography.

  • typornography


    Typography blog.

  • Tipografía | Un Mundo Libre


    Spanish blog about typography, design and related news.

  • UnosTiposDuros

    unos tipos duros

    Spanish blog on typography. Teoría y práctica de la tipografía.

  • Jules Vernacular

    jules vernacular

    French typography blog.

  • neucha


    Russian blog about type and design.

  • ??????????


    Ukranian typography blog.


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Source: Smashing Magazine, and World Wide Web

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