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Man Of Letters

You've read their books, but you've never heard of them. You've probably read their magazines, newspapers, billboards, telephone books, and even their candy-bar wrappers. They're the people who design the letters that form the words you read.

These "type designers" work in the shadows of the publishing world to invent new ways of writing our ancient alphabet. Different "types" or "typefaces," the term for a particular style of letters, can vary enormously in personality, as do the letters in the title of this article. But there can be subtler differences between type-faces as well, as you'll see when you compare the different sections of a newspaper page.

One of the most renowned type designers in the world is Matthew Carter. If you've read Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, or the Boston Globe, you've seen his alphabets in action. And untold gallons of ink have come to a dry end in a type called "Bell Centennial" that he designed for the US telephone directories.

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