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Reactions to 95% Typography

By Information Architects Japan

An avalanche of comments, hundreds of applauding blog entries, honorable mentions from cooler and more sublime and hotter and higher places, forum discussions, translations in Chinese and partially in Italian and even blunt plagiarism was incited by one of my recent notes. In order to not answer to each commentator individually, I decided to write a summary that answers most of the raised concerns, accusations and questions. As a result I think that managed to make things a little clearer.

Sensationalist and unfounded!

Justin: My issue is quite simply your title. I don’t disagree that typography is important in web design, but you are implying that non-typographic concerns are unimportant. That is sensationalist and unfounded.

I didn’t intend to be loud or (un)popular. Until recently, mostly friends and clients were reading my notes. I had about 100 visitors a day. This article found its readers almost by itself. Within 30 minutes after posting it on reddit I had 1,500 users on my websites. That is not a given. Reddit is a tough place. From then on it all went by itself. Because it came from the guts, because it was passionate. Internet users appreciate that. And it must have had some truth to it…

I am writing these entries with the goal of publishing a book on usability and branding one day. And I am really enjoying the input, as it helps me improving my writing, my book, as well as my work. I learned more from the readers’ reactions than from many smart books.

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